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Drive to Survive season four, Verstappen protagonist

Max Verstappen (Red Bull). Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

The great fight between Red Bull and Mercedes is set to be the main talking point for Formula 1, and this was noticed by the producers of ‘Drive to Survive’ that will give it more importance in the next season on Netflix.

During the 2021 season opener race in Bahrain, Max Verstappen showed what he can do with his new RB16B. The Dutch driver missed out on victory after an incredible race, and this intrigued the producers of the Formula 1 documentary. They said that they will give a lot more importance to Max in the following season. 

After an era that only saw the domination of Mercedes, Red Bull finally seems to have built a car that can be competitive enough to challenge and defeat Mercedes. That is why Netflix wants to take advantage of this situation and show the fight between the two teams in ‘Drive to Survive’ season four. 

The producer of the show, James Gay-Rees, believes that the fans will love to see the battle between Red Bull and Mercedes. 

“What everyone hopes is that there will be a real titanic battle between Mercedes and Red Bull. The Austrian team tries to be calm and take advantage of its opportunities, but the rest of the world is betting on seeing a conflict.”

Moreover, the battle for the third spot in the constructor championship seems intriguing, and Gay-Rees thinks that the next season of ‘Drive to Survive’ will be even more exciting for the fans. 

“It can be a very good season with the possible intense battle for third place between McLaren, Ferrari, and perhaps Aston Martin along with other teams,” he said.

Finally, the producer also admitted that the introduction of the new regulations in 2022 induce him to think that there will be a fifth season of the show. 

“It is going to be a tough season, with all the new regulations coming into force. The scenario will therefore be different, but with these cheeky new cars we are delighted to continue Drive to Survive.”

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