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Binotto feels relieved after good Ferrari results

Mattia Binotto (Ferrari). Credit: Reddit.

Mattia Binotto, team principal at Ferrari, admits he is relieved after the first race of the season and is confident about the future.

The Italian racing team wants to forget 2020 right away, and it did so with a good result in Bahrain at the start of the season. With a sixth and an eighth-place, both cars finished in the points and were also able to convince and surprise with fast laps in qualifying.

As a watcher of F1, you immediately notice that the car has improved, and Binotto agrees. The Italian admitted that there were always problems with the power unit last year and that the drag on the car was also too high.

Now Ferrari is said to have found a “solution”. The power unit has been improved and the chassis deficit has been made up.

Binotto commented:

“Yes, I feel relieved, certainly, because we may work in a better position and that’s healthy for the team. It’s important that the team can work in a healthy condition, staying calm and positive. For me that was important, so coming here and seeing the car has progressed, put the team somehow in a serenity where we can even work in a better manner.

“So that was important, not only from the engine but from chassis, drag, aero, tools, correlation — that was all-important for us and that was key. How much is coming from the power unit, the improvement? Difficult to say because it’s all relative to the competitors; it’s not an absolute value, and I don’t know what the progress of the others is. But again, in the end, we always have to judge the entire package and not split it,” he added.

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