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Capito: “We really need a significant step in 2022”

Nicholas Latifi. Credits: Williams Racing.

After a difficult few years, Williams is now aiming to come back at its best in 2022 with the new regulations. To do so, Jost Capito, Williams’ CEO, says that he is ready to sacrifice 2021 in order to get a taste of success in 2022.

Williams has had big struggles this past three years to keep their head above the water. The team has always finished last in the team’s standings since 2018 but with the fresh arrival of a new managing group and Dorilton Capital injecting money into the project, a glimmer of hope is finally emerging.

Jost Capito was the one chosen to lead this very ambitious project of bringing back Williams to where it belongs: the top of the ranking. The 62 years old German is however not new to the world of motorsports. 

Indeed, he has already been working with various teams since 1989 like Porsche, Ford, and Sauber. Capito even led Porsche to a double WRC world title in 2007 and 2008. But most importantly, Capito became the director of Volkswagen Motorsports in 2012 with which he won the WRC title four consecutive times. The German, therefore, knows how to win and knows where he is heading with the Grove-based team.

Williams’ CEO admitted that the team is now focusing the major part of its forces on their 2022 single-seater as the new era of Formula One and all its new regulations should give Williams a great opportunity of getting away from the bottom of the rankings.

“There is not so much more we can do on the ’21 car. We will fight through the season, and we will push. We know where the car is and we will of course do further development but what can be done without compromising the ’22 car. (…) We are not going to take compromises on the ’22 car because of the ’21 car,” says Capito, firmly showing that Williams is looking towards 2022 and they are willing to pay the price of success.

Despite wanting to put as much effort into their 2022 challenger as possible, the team boss confirms that Williams will still be fighting in 2021 and still try to improve their car if possible but all of it will be done so as not to disturb their research and developments for next year.

“We really need a significant step in ’22 with the new regulation and with a new car, (…) That means for ’21 we will still fight and want to make the best out of it. But we are not measuring the success in points or in positions. We try to understand the car more,” says the German CEO.

“Of course we do some smaller developments when we know something is wrong, or we can improve. Of course, we will do that, but we will not be sacrificing on the ’22 car,” he adds.

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