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Miller/Mir clash “very dangerous and intentional”

Image Credits: Mirco Lazzari/Getty Images

Joan Mir says the worrying clash between him and Jack Miller was “intentional”, after no action was taken on the event.

After an overambitious move at turn 10 at the halfway stage by Mir meant minor contact with Miller, which Miller was clearly livid about. He made a move at the final turn of that same lap while the two battled for fifth. Halfway down the main straight though, Miller moved over on Mir and the pair clashed, almost sending the Suzuki into the grass at over 300km/h. The two had it out after the race finished, both believing the other at fault.

Mir said in a post-race interview he tried to apologise after his turn 10 move, but Miller didn’t accept it.

“What happened with Jack in turn 10 is that it was the only place I could overtake. I took the right position. He decided to stay on the outside. He maintained his line. We touched a bit. I picked up the bike. I understand it was a risky maneuver, but it was not over the limits. It was OK. Then I moved the leg to apologize because when something like this happened in a race I like to apologize, I like to avoid it.”

The controversial move | Image Credits: Dorna Sports world feed

“Then I was wide in the last corner. When I came wide, I saw jack. He moved his head like he saw me. I went to the kerb, on the outside of the line as much as I could. He just came across over me and we both touched. We almost crashed on the straight. It was super risky, super dangerous. That’s it.”

Race control believed the move to be a racing incident, which Suzuki agrees with, but Mir isn’t so sure.

“I think it was intentional… My team will judge if they have to appeal. For sure it has to be investigated. These manoeuvres are over the limit. If it was intentional like I said, he deserves a penalty. If not, no. But I think he moved his head.”

Miller was more carefree about the situation, believing he was not in the wrong.

“There were a few contacts… A bit of contact here and there. It was just one of those things. Everyone saw what happened and we continued to race after that. I mean, I got hit I think three times already before [that incident]. So it seemed to be that was the way the race was going. That’s all.”

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