Helmut Marko considers Sebastian Vettel’s continuity in the sport with Aston Martin for 2021 a mistake, saying the German would have been better off with a break.

After a difficult career with Scuderia Ferrari where Vettel did not manage to make his dream come true of winning a championship in red color, worsened by one of the most difficult years for the Prancing Horse in recent history, the German made the move to Aston Martin for the 2021 season.

Helmut Marko, the head of Red Bull Racing, says that Vettel’s decision to move to Aston Martin was not the right one, stating that the German would have been better off with a break from the sport.

“I was of the opinion that he should have taken a year off,” Marko said. “That way he can sort things out properly and figure out what he really wants. Next year the chances in the driver’s market are much more favorable to return, if only he had listened.”

The Austrian also said that Vettel’s hopes to find a better team in Aston Martin turned out to be “wrong,” as the Mercedes customer team is struggling with the new regulations.

“Now he’s in the Aston Martin, and that team is suffering now, as is Mercedes,” Marko explained. “The two cars are similar, and this race [Bahrain] was nowhere near the way he would have liked.

“A break would have been better for him, that could have triggered something in him that could have possibly given him a better future for himself,” he concluded on the topic.

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