After ending the remarkable Formula 1 career, the 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton is likely to work in music industry.

Alongside his racing career, Lewis Hamilton has already started to make a mane for himself in the world of music. The Briton has already been a part of one of Christina Aguilera’s songs Pipe under the name of XNDA. After leaving motorsports, Hamilton plans to continue chasing his dreams in the industry.

The Mercedes driver said that he got recognition from his friends and he was told that he should continue moving forward in music. Lewis Hamilton kept going and also revealed on his Instagram Stories recently that he was looking for some musicians, which will probably help him create new songs.

The 7-time world champion also emphasized the fact that racing is also an art and should be appreciated.

“What we do is an art form. Many people may not see it that way, but in reality, it is like that. If you look at a painter, he is always looking for inspiration and perfecting himself. We also seek and feel the same while giving back to the circuit. We are creative when we choose the set-up, understanding what we can do, redesigning the steering wheel, the pedals, the seat, or looking for improvements in the aerodynamics. There is a great creative component in everything we do,” Lewis Hamilton said.

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