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Kristoffersson / Taylor win Al’Ula X-Prix for RXR

Molly Taylor (AUS)/Johan Kristoffersson (SWE), Rosberg X Racing

The final started with the duo of Hansen / Munnings on the inside, Kristoffersson / Taylor in the middle, and Loeb / Gutiérrez on the outside.

Hansen got the better start of the three, flying away from Loeb and Kristoffersson as soon as he pressed the accelerator. The latter two fought it out for second place with Kristofferson taking second place, Loeb last.

These results did not last for long though, as Kristoffersson was able to catch up to Hansen and overtake him for the lead. The latter struggled on the action and made a big jump a bit off-course.

Three minutes into the race and the gap between Kristoffersson and Hansen was of 23.93 seconds, with Loeb falling behind with a gap of 44.39 seconds, however, the Frenchman started closing in.

Then it was time for the switch; Kristoffersson came in first and it was Taylor jumping into the car. Behind arrived Hansen, with a gap of 30.34 seconds, and it was time for Munnings to come into the cockpit. Last arrived Loeb, with Gutierrez taking over the wheel and going out with a gap of 1 minute and 3.5 seconds.

The final lap of the race did not see a lot of action; the drivers kept their positions as we’ve seen in the previous semi-finals and shootout.

In the end, it was the car of Kristoffersson / Taylor who took the victory of the final, with Hansen / Munnings finishing second by a gap of 23.73 seconds, and Loeb / Gutiérrez taking the last place by a gap of 1 minute and 38.09 seconds.

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