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Hansen / Munnings take Extreme E’s Crazy Race victory

Catie Munnings (GBR)/Timmy Hansen (SWE), Andretti United Extreme E

After the first sight at Extreme E racing with the semi-final, it was time for the crazy race; the winner of this shootout makes it to the final, which will take place later today.

We had learned from the semi-final that a good start in Extreme E’s desert race probably means stage victory; unless the leader has an incident later in the stage, visibility played a big factor in the sand, with the front runners having clear view unlike the ones behind, who had to back off to see the terrain.

It was the duo of Timmy Hansen / Catie Munnings taking the inside off the start, with Oliver Bennet / Christine Giampaoli Zonca going off in the middle, and Jenson Button / Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky in the outside.

When the green light came out, we saw the car of Hansen getting the better start with more traction, the machine from Button quickly took second place but that didn’t last, as both he and Bennett took different lines, it was the latter who took the spot instead. Jenson then backed out due to visibility.

Two minutes into the race and the gap between Hansen and Bennett was of only 5.48 seconds when in the semi-final the gap between the top 2 was of 15 seconds instead, showing the commitment from the latter in the fight for the lead. Button’s gap by this stage was of 19 seconds.

Time for the switch, and it was the car of Hansen who came in first, with Catie Munnings now jumping into the car. Second, came Bennett, with Giampaoli Zonca jumping into the cockpit, coming out with a gap of 32.37 seconds to the top place. Last it was Button, with Ahlin-Kottulinsky taking over the wheel, coming out with a gap of 49.70 seconds to the top.

In the end, it was Munnings who took the Crazy Race victory for Andretti United with a time of 11 minutes and 30 seconds, with Giampaoli Zonca finishing second for Hispano Suiza with a gap of 30.34 seconds, and Ahlin-Kottulinsky taking the last spot for JBXE with a gap of 1 minute and 6.42 seconds.

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