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First Extreme E race was “motorsport gold,” says Agag

Catie Munnings (GBR)/Timmy Hansen (SWE), Andretti United Extreme E, Molly Taylor (AUS)/Johan Kristoffersson (SWE), Rosberg X Racing, and Cristina Gutierrez (ESP)/Sebastien Loeb (FRA), X44, line up ready for the start

Extreme E’s founder Alejandro Agag said the first race of the championship in Saudi Arabia was “motorsport gold,” as it created ‘glorious’ racing moments at the start of each race.

While some people criticized the championship’s first round, as the only decisive moment of the races were the first 30 seconds of action, where it all depended on a good start, Alejandro Agag defended the event saying that ‘glory is won in one second.’

“For me, the 20 or 30 seconds that we saw after the start of the final are motorsport gold,” said Agag. “Those are the moments that really deserve the glory.

“Glory you win in one second, you don’t need an hour to win glory. I’m over the moon.”

Talking about the overall weekend itself, Agag said it was “the best weekend” he could’ve thought of.

“It’s been beyond my wildest expectations,” he said. “It’s been the best weekend I can think of.

“If you were to write a script for the perfect weekend, I would not have come up with a better script than what happened here in the last two days. This is a new championship and it’s an extreme championship.

“We have really made our name proud. This is extreme racing. I have never seen such extreme racing in my life.”

Not everything went as planned, as due to dust concerns, the qualifying format had to be changed from heats to time trials, with the races being capped to only three cars. However, Agag said he was happy with his decision of sticking to bigger grids amid talks of the final becoming single runs.

“I can tell you, I am so happy I made that call I made last night,” he explained. “They’re not easy calls.

“I have people who know a lot about racing telling me it’s better to do time trials. I had some other people, some racers saying, ‘let’s race.’ I had to me the call,” he concluded.

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