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Webber, Coulthard: Hamilton could retire soon

Lewis Hamilton after winning the Turkish GP. Credits: Daimler Global Media Site.

Lewis Hamilton was the last driver to sign a deal for the 2021 season. He is now fighting to win the eighth title with Mercedes, and he is in great shape. Despite that, Mark Webber believes he will retire soon. 

The former Formula 1 driver believes that the seven-time world champion will test the 2022 Formula 1 car, and then he will decide to retire. 

“He’s definitely on the home stretch, there is no question about that. You’d be a brave man to say he’s going to race for three more years. Two, maybe. One, yeah, and then there’s a high probability that he will retire. That makes a lot of sense. There are new rules in 2022.”

However, Webber encouraged Lewis to continue racing in Formula 1, and he believes that the Briton still has a lot to give to this sport, even when he will not be able to give 100%. 

“I’d say it should go on for a long time. Even Lewis at eight and a half out of 10 is still dangerous. He has to go on a bit longer, he doesn’t have much to lose in my opinion when he’s so amazing. I still think he has more in it,” he explained.

David Coulthard shares the same idea as Webber. He believes that the one-year contract shows that Lewis does not want to continue racing in the pinnacle of motorsport. 

“I think it is possible. I believe that by signing a one-year contract both parties lack commitment. You can say: ‘well, let’s leave things open because a new regulation will come into force, but they are not going to learn from each other this year what they no longer know. I wonder if they are starting to dislike certain elements of Formula 1 politics.”

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