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Veloce Racing to miss Desert X-Prix action on Sunday

Credits: Extreme E.

Veloce Racing will not take part in the first Extreme E race of the season in Saudi Arabia. The racing team made the announcement today ahead of the second qualifying session.

The reason for the withdrawal is the car’s roll cage, which is damaged beyond repair. Stéphane Sarrazin rolled over several times during the first qualifying session but was able to exit the car uninjured. Unfortunately, the car was in a bad condition.

He hit a piece of camel grass on the edge of the second sand dune on the track and rolled the car over. The session was stopped after the red flag was waved.

The team gave a very brief statement that said:

“Veloce Racing has been forced to withdraw from any further competition at this weekend’s Desert X-Prix in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. Following a review by the team and the officials, it has been deemed that it is unsafe to continue due to irreparable damage to the Odyssey-21 chassis. Stephane Sarrazin escaped unharmed. No further comment will be made at this time.”

Ian Davies, team manager of Veloce Racing, said, that no new roll cage could be made and therefore the team cannot compete:

“There’s damage to the roll cage. We all know in this sport that safety is paramount. When we checked the car over with the technical delegate, we took the roof off the car to look at the section of the car. It’s a small kink but nonetheless, the main hoop of the cage is damaged. This particular section wouldn’t be able to be changed. It’s the main hoop, so it’s one of the diagonal door bars and something is jutting out from the main hoop. It requires a whole new chassis.”

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