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Software issue reason for pit lane problems for JBXE and Rosberg X Racing

Jenson Button at the Desert X-Prix. Credits: Extreme E.

Speeding in the pit lane for both teams in the Desert X-Prix qualifying was caused by a software problem.

The first-ever Extreme E qualifying in Saudi Arabian desert in AlUla was a bit difficult for some teams. That included JBXE and Rosberg X Racing, ran by Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg respectively. Both cars failed to enter the pit lane with the required speed. JBXE had a 150-second penalty, while Rosberg X Racing had 60 seconds added to their result. After the investigation, it was revealed that a problem related to software was the reason for both incidents.

“That was frustrating, but no blames on Molly [Taylor]. She hit the pit speed limiter button; it went into pit speed limiter. Then all of a sudden it just jumped out. Very, very frustrating for all of us,” RXR’s Johan Kristoffersson told

JBXE’s Jenson Button also reported that software was to blame: “Mikaela [Ahlin-Kottulinsky] came in, she pushed the button. In the data, you see that she’s pushed it. But there isn’t a limiter there, so she sped through it and then had to push it again.”

“It’s a shame. She obviously did go quite quick. But the problem is the limiter wasn’t there. We got that penalty. We also got a penalty for being too quick on our driver change but we weren’t. We got that penalty taken back, which is good. We did 45.09s so we just perfected it,” he added.

RXR finished third in qualifying on Saturday, while JBXE only went to on to have the sixth quickest time of the day.

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