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Not many broken cars in qualifying “a miracle”, says Agag

Alejandro Agag. Credits: Extreme E.

Extreme E CEO Alejandro Agag was impressed that there were so few car issues after a difficult shakedown on Friday.

The Friday shakedown for Extreme E’s Desert X-Prix was quite challenging as a lot of teams found some mechanical issues. However, there were just a few technical problems throughout the two qualifying sessions, which surprised the CEO of the series Alejandro Agag and expressed the readiness of the officials to fix struggles with the Odyssey 21 car.

“100% we will fix everything. This is actually incredibly good for me, because if you look at Formula E, we had months to test, we had so many problems,” Agag told

“Here, we tested one day and a half. So, it’s a miracle what we’ve done. Spark has done an amazing job to be able to put the show on the road. Of course, there will be problems and I’m really sad for some of them,” he added.

Agag also shared his thoughts about the unfortunate qualifying for Chip Ganassi Racing as their car had a significant issue: “I was just with Chip Ganassi. It’s very frustrating because he’s a winner. We will do the maximum work to help with Spark to fix it. But Spark has done an incredibly amazing job up to here.”

“And it’s a miracle that so few cars have broken,” Alejandro Agag said in the end.

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