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Coulthard: Beginning of the end for Vettel if Stroll outperforms him

Sebastian Vettel. Credits: Aston Martin Racing (Twitter).

Channel 4’s Formula 1 pundit David Coulthard believes that the end of Sebastian Vettel’s career may be on the horizon if he can’t outperform his younger teammate.

Vettel, who is a 4-time world champion, had a dismal day at Bahrain, finishing 15th of 16, carelessly crashing into Esteban Ocon in the process. Although this could be partly due to the German still trying to come to grips with the new car, the general consensus is he will need to find pace sooner rather than later.

One person who agrees with these claims is David Coulthard. The 13-time Grand Prix winner knows a thing or two about being paired with a young driver, having been teammates with and outpaced by Kimi Raikkonen for three seasons in the early 2000s.

“If Lance does the same to Sebastian that Charles did to him at Ferrari, I don’t know how the season will end. I think Vettel is a help to the team in terms of experience, and he’s a driver who is confident on the track. That is, yes, when you lose some speed, it can be like when you lose a meter in football, you lose the advantage of scoring a goal.”

He also stated that although Vettel will help the team improve as a whole, Aston Martin have lost the big money they got from Sergio Perez, which may hinder the teams efforts.

“With this signing they have lost the sponsors that Pérez brought from Mexico, and there is no way that now they can bring that money from Germany. I wonder if it is also part of the construction of their brand, not only for Aston Martin because the German market is important, but also for Lance Stroll.”

Vettel has two weeks to prepare himself for the next battle at Imola on the 18th of April.

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