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Bahrain track officials want F1 pre-season testing to come back

Lewis Hamilton at the Bahrain GP. Credits: Daimler.

The Bahrain International Curcuit officials have expressed their happiness about hosting the F1 pre-season testing and would like to have it in 2022.

This year’s Formula 1 pre-season testing was held at the Bahrain International Circuit ahead of the Bahrain GP. The three-day event was quite successful. After a good experience this year, the track representatives will be glad to host the testing once again next year.

“I remember in 2014 we did the test,” he said. “This test was a bit shorter, so it was just three days. Hopefully next year we can have a proper test with the new engines and new cars,” the Bahrain International Circuit CEO Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa said.

“They [FOM] haven’t mentioned it [testing venue for 2022], but to me, it’s something that at the track we would like to see,” he added.

“I think this pre-season testing [and] opening round made sense. I don’t know what Australia’s doing or other events, but I did hear that they’re trying to shift to a later date,” he said in the conclusion.

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