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Desert X-Prix qualifying format changed amid dust issues

Credits: Extreme E (Twitter).

Qualifying runs will be different than planned in the Saudi Arabian desert because of big amount of dust.

Several days before the start of the inaugural Extreme E race weekend some modifications have been made to the structure of the race weekend. The qualifying for the Desert X-Prix race will now be single car run instead of qualifying races. The reason for this is the fact that there is plenty of dust at the moment in the desert, which impacts the visibility.

“When we came and we tested in January, we sort of thought of this,” Alejandro Agag said.

Agag also added that the track conditions were much different during the testing in January: “There was no dust because of the humidity of the night. The sand was more humid. The cars were going and no dust was coming up. We arrived here last week: huge clouds of dust.”

“So, we tweaked the race format. Saturday, one by one. It’s going to be very cool. Then, races of three cars instead of four [and five] cars.”

“It’s going to be fine. Actually, it’s going to look pretty cool. It’s going to look like Mad Max, all the cars going and the dust behind,” Extreme E’s co-founder said in the conclusion.

The qualifying will now consist of three semi-finals with 3 cars in each session. Prior runs will determine the allocation in sessions, while the running order will be made by the virtue of a draw.

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