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Red Bull to put “as much performance as possible” at Imola

Max Verstappen leading the Bahrain GP. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

After a good performance in Bahrain, Red Bull promises to put “as much performance as possible” at Imola to defeat Mercedes. 

Even though Max Verstappen did not manage to win the race after a controversial battle against his main rival Lewis Hamilton, the Red Bull Racing believes it has the pace to outscore the Silver Arrows. 

Just one race into the season, and Red Bull seems to be the fastest car. Despite this, it aims to make the car even quicker. That is why it is planning to bring a massive update in the upcoming race. 

Red Bull Racing’s chief engineer Paul Monaghan said: “Some developments are already in the pipeline for Imola, more for subsequent races, so it’s now a two-pronged fight.”

“We need this car to be put down on the ground and run and give us no hiccups. We will put as much performance onto the car as we possibly can by Imola.”

“Our destiny is in our control, and we can’t influence what Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, and everybody else want to do. So we’ve got to remain focused.”

Mercedes also confirmed that Red Bull built an incredibly fast car, which shows no weaknesses compared to the W12. Nevertheless, Red Bull does not want to lose time, and it reckons that it must do everything perfectly to outperform Mercedes. 

Monaghan said: “We’ve identified some areas where the car can be improved and we concentrate on those. We can’t influence what the others do, so we’ve got to develop it, we’ve got to make it bulletproof.”

Finally, the team based in Milton Keynes knows very well that there is just a thin margin between them and Mercedes. Therefore, it must keep pushing and bring updates to have an even better performance. 

“It’s not all about going to Imola and chalking a win up on the board to say ‘oh we’re world champions’ – that’s not going to happen,” Monaghan added.

“It’s going to be a long fight for a long season, and it’s not won and lost here [in Bahrain].”

“There’s a sense of disappointment in the garage, which is felt by all, but we’ve got a quick car, we’ve got a fantastic pair of drivers, we’ve got a good team and everybody’s aware that we’re going to be challenging all the way through.”

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