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Kerb changes could solve turn four’s track limits issues – Bahrain’s track boss

Image Credits: Bahrain International Circuit.

The issue with the track limit violations, including infamous turn 4, can be dealt with by setting up a kerb, according to the Bahrain International Circuit official.

The 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix was sadly decided by track limits. Max Verstappen had to give the lead back to Lewis Hamilton after running off while passing him. Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa, the chief executive of the Bahrain International Circuit, says this could all be avoided by changing the turn 4 kerbs.

“As a venue, obviously we follow the homologation of the FIA and what they need. You can add an extra kerb in four, we have the red and white kerbs. The idea is obviously to keep them on the track and what can you do so that there’s no advantage going out,” Sheikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa tells RaceFans.

“So the idea is to work with the FIA and maybe extending the kerbs a bit like having a double layer or something that could limit that. As long as there’s no advantage, then people won’t use it,” he adds.

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