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Hamilton: Bahrain victory “chance to prove people wrong”

Lewis Hamilton after winning the Bahrain GP. Credits: Daimler.

Lewis Hamilton believes that his win in Bahrain was “a chance to prove people wrong” since he grabbed the victory without having the best car on the grid. 

Since the start of the hybrid era, in 2014, many people suggested that Lewis has been able to achieve all those victories (74) because he had the fastest machinery. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that the seven-time world champion won 22 races with McLaren before joining the Silver Arrows, and he also came out on top in Grand Prix where Mercedes struggled a lot. 

Last week, during the season opener in Bahrain, it was clear that Red Bull had the fastest car both in qualifying and in the race. However, Lewis has been capable of putting his W12 in front of Max Verstappen at the end of the event. 

After his majestic win, Lewis said: “I think [last Sunday’s race] was a blessing, perhaps in disguise.  

“There’s always a chance, opportunities to prove people wrong, and I like to think that was one of them.  

“But I think there have been several in the past – there have been many in the past. I’ve been around a long time – but I hope there are many opportunities in the future to be able to show what I was able to do [in Bahrain] also.” 

Now that Red Bull seems to be the fastest team, with Mercedes only a few tents behind, the 2021 season is expected to be a great show, with two teams capable of winning the championship. This has been confirmed by Lewis as well, who said that “this [season] has got to have started as one of the toughest, if not the [toughest]”.

“I think Red Bull’s pace is incredibly strong, as you could see,” he added. “We can’t match them in qualifying right now. That’s a big step for us. 

“I thought we could get closer within the race – but that was a little bit too close for my liking.  

“The thing is, we don’t know how much better they’ll be in other places that we go to – or how much worse, or how good [Mercedes will be].

“Maybe our car’s better in other places than it is here, or maybe it’s worse – we’ll wait and find out. One thing’s for sure, we’ll work as hard as we can to improve it.”

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