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Tsunoda was aiming for Gasly at first F1 race

Yuki Tsunoda. Credits: Red Bull

After a first Grand Prix finish inside the top 10, allowing him to score his first-ever F1 points, Yuki Tsunoda admitted he had very high expectations for his first Grand Prix.

Yuki Tsunoda is definitely very demanding with himself, reminding us of the character of Charles Leclerc. This is however probably what allowed both these drivers to reach the highest level of motorsports. 

Last year already, Tsunoda announced that if he did not have enough points on his super license at the end of the season to sign with Alpha Tauri, he would have left Formula Two.

Tsunoda did not lose this ‘extreme’ character trait as he was already very disappointed with himself after not reaching Q3 on Sunday when his experienced teammate, Pierre Gasly did.

“Yeah, maybe I’m aiming too high, maybe before this race! But for me, I just saw that my teammate was doing a better job in the qualifying, and I was aiming for there, so of course, I’m not a hundred percent happy,” Tsunoda said to

And even after a good result, the young Japanese driver already knew where he wanted to improve for the second round of the 2021 Formula One calendar, being Imola. Indeed, the Alpha Tauri driver had a disappointing start that caused him to lose three positions before entering turn 1.

“I knew that the car is there, and the car had a good pace, but I decided I just had to be really cautious to not have any damage on the first lap. And also positioning the car, the start was really poor,” he says.

The 20 years old driver however knows himself well and decided he did not want to regret anything after the race. This is what motivated his very brave last-lap move on Lance Stroll where he overtook the Canadian driver at turn 1 after delaying his braking point as much as possible.

“I passed Stroll at the last lap in the first corner. It was a really late launch, but I decided that if I couldn’t overtake him, I can’t sleep all night tonight! (…) So I struggled really the last two laps, especially in dirty air from him. I did quite a lot of mistakes. So I’m really glad to pass him in the last lap.”

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