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Denny Hamlin visibly frustrated after 3rd place finish

(Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images)

The driver of the number 11 FedEx Toyota, Denny Hamlin, looked visibly frustrated after finishing third at Bristol on Monday evening.

Denny Hamlin ran quite well at Bristol but just didn’t have enough to take the lead from Joey Logano. Hamlin had a clean sweep of coming in third, after finishing all three stages in 3rd place. While although he did finish fourth in the first practice session, he did even finish third in the final practice session.

When asked why he didn’t bump-and-run Logano at the end of the final stage, Hamlin replied, “Because I think me and the 22 race differently. I don’t have that mentality.”

We know there is no love lost between the driver off the 22 and the driver of the 11, but this was a not-so-veiled shot at Logano’s aggressive driving style.

Denny was later asked if it was anymore frustrating to run second to Logano, in which the FedEx driver admitted, “I should have shoved him out. When I had position on the bottom, I should have just moved up and got him in the dust, and got rid of him. I just wanted to pass him clean. I didn’t, so I didn’t win.”

Hamlin probably wasn’t just frustrated with finishing behind Logano, but also with the outcome of his season thus far. He has finished inside the top-5 in all but one race so far this season, being so close to celebrating in victory lane. The good news is that usually when a driver is that consistent, it is only a matter of time before Hamlin wins his first race of the season.

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