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Bristol dirt track had “more moisture” on Monday, says Ben Rhodes

Ben Rhodes leads the Truck Series race at Bristol dirt. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

ThorSport Racing’s Ben Rhodes believes that the Bristol dirt track wore out slower on Monday than anticipated.

As the track conditions were crucial at the Bristol Motor Speedway dirt track, a lot of drivers paid attention to it. They emphasized it during the Truck Series race as the drivers claimed the surface felt different from Friday’s. Ben Rhodes, who had finished 2nd in that race, shared his thoughts about it.

“It [the track] had a lot more moisture than I thought,” Rhodes said. “I know it rained and rained and rained, but it was packed pretty tight for the way the rain was coming, which they [the track workers] made a good job with. […]”

The no.99 truck driver also described how the team worked in the race: “We had really good deep moisture, at least from my experience. My experience is coming from Eldora, that’s the only dirt race I’ve done. But it seemed like we kept moisture on the track for a very long, way longer than I expected. So, we had to make adjustments the first pit stop to kind of free me up for the tacky track. And then it started loosening up and loosening up and getting slicker and slicker. We had to get me a little bit something to tight me back up.”

Ben Rhodes admitted that he could have passed Martin Truex Jr. for the race win if there were more laps remaining: “We were struggling with side by all day, we were struggling with forward drive, that’s where the 51 [Martin Truex Jr.] for sure beat us. “

“But at the very end, I think he had burnt off his tires and we were able to start closing him in the last few laps and I was driving it as hard as I could, but just not enough time”

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