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Ross Brawn labels Yuki Tsunoda “F1’s best rookie for years”

Yuki Tsunoda. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

Ross Brawn, Formula 1’s sports director, has described new AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda as “the best rookie F1 has had in years”.

There’s a reason for that: the young Japanese driver started the race from position 13 and finished ninth after a very good race.

Brawn claims that signing and promoting Tsunoda was a “very good decision” and called the 20-year-old the best rookie F1 has seen in years.

“I’m really impressed with Yuki Tsunoda. I met him at the weekend for the first time and he’s a really impressive character,” Brawn wrote in his Bahrain GP debrief. He is quite amusing and his language in the car can be a bit fruity. He showed some brilliant spells in the race, which is encouraging considering it was his first F1 race. He is the best rookie F1 has had for years, having been fairly stunning in whatever series he has competed in. His promotion by Red Bull looks like a brilliant move.”

The F1 sports director also believes Japan will be more interested in F1 again because Tsunoda is an “up-and-coming and talented driver.” This will also give the Japanese Grand Prix another boost.

“We can all remember the glorious days of full grandstands at Suzuka and the passion of the Japanese fans. I think we are going to have that again, which is incredibly exciting.”

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