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Mazepin “very sorry for team” after F1 debut

Nikita Mazepin. Credits: Haas F1 Team.

After an early spin at the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Nikita Mazepin admits to being very angry and frustrated with himself.

Nikita Mazepin did not have a very good impulsion at the start. He was, however, in front of his teammate after turn 1 as Schumacher chose a very busy inside line. Mazepin says he wanted to be very careful and tried to avoid any contact as he knew his german teammate was very close.

“Very sorry for the team, because they deserve to do much better than that, so yeah, very angry with myself. […] Mick was very close, so I was very focused on making sure we don’t make contact and then got on the curb and took too much throttle and lost the car. And there was no way to catch it back,” Mazepin says.

By watching the replay of the race carefully, you can deduct that Mazepin already lost control once right before turn 2. The Haas driver however managed to miraculously avoid contact with Nicholas Latifi, before placing his car on the inside curb of turn 3 that caused him to spin.

Nonetheless, the Russian driver wants to keep it positive after one of the most frustrating weekends of his career and says he will try to learn as much as possible from his first F1 Grand Prix.

“Well, I was driving one and a half days before the race season starts. Whenever you go into your first weekend, you obviously learn so much so there are definitely positives to take. […] Lots to take from it, but also one of the worst days,” Mazepin admitted.

The former Hitech GP driver still has everything to prove in Formula One to show he deserves his seat. This weekend was of course extremely frustrating for the Russian driver but we should not sell the skin of the bear before having killed it.

Indeed, it was Mazepin’s first weekend in Formula 1 and Mick Schumacher also had a spin at the early stages of the race even though he managed to recover from it. There is obviously a lot to learn for both drivers and also a lot to improve on the Haas VF-21 before really being able to judge them.

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