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Alonso’s brake failure forced by sandwich wrapper

Image Credits: Alpine F1 Team.

Fernando Alonso’s Bahrain Grand Prix retirement was rather embarrassingly caused by a sandwich wrapper in his brake duct.

Alonso was on form at Bahrain, outperforming teammate Esteban Ocon and in the mix for a decent haul of points. Unfortunately, he pulled in with some kind of issue to retire from a strong position. After further inspection, Alpine found out the reason why the Spaniard needed to retire so soon. A food wrapper got caught in his brake duct and forced his retirement.

Alpine’s executive director Marcin Budkowski said of the finding:

“After his first stop we had a small issue that forced us to reduce the performance of the car, then after the second stop, a sandwich wrap paper got stuck inside the rear brake duct of Fernando’s car. This led to high temperatures and caused some damage to the brake system, so we retired him for safety reasons. It was a very unlucky first race for Fernando considering how strong he looked.”

It was a points-less weekend for the French team, with Esteban Ocon only 13th after an incident with Sebastian Vettel.

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