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Hamilton and Verstappen not delighted with “confusing” track limit changes

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the Bahrain GP. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

Both Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen were not satisfied with how the track limit rules were interpretated during Bahrain GP.

The question of track limits has been a hot topic during the Bahrain GP race, especially after Max Verstappen had to let Lewis Hamilton through after allegedly violating track limits. After the event, both drivers shared thier thoughts about track limit changes.

“I think it is very confusing. There are most tracks we’re not allowed to put four wheels outside the white line, but this weekend and that particular corner, we weren’t allowed to on Friday. In actual fact, you could go two wheels outside the line, but you can’t go past the blue and white kerb. But in the race you can, and that was what had been written,” Hamilton said.

“So when we go into the race, then you can. But it’s quite a different corner when you have to do one or the other in terms of approach. And it is faster when you can go out.”

“The policy made it unclear whether drivers were allowed to overtake by going wide at that point on the track. But then where is the boundary when you are overtaking? You are not allowed to overtake off-track,” he added.

Max Verstappen supported Lewis Hamilton’s thoughts: “Throughout the race I was told that people were going wide, so they told me to do the same because you do gain lap time doing it. So I did. And at one point they told me not to do it anymore. So I don’t know.”

“In qualifying, of course, it was not allowed, your lap time got deleted. And so I don’t know how it got to the point where people were doing it without getting warnings. But at the end of the day when I was fighting Lewis, I went outside of the track limits. I think quite quickly the race director was onto us to tell me to give the position back, so that’s exactly what I did,” the Dutchman added.

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