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Final laps of Bahrain GP were “horrifying”, says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton at the 2021 Bahrain GP. Credits: Getty Images.

The closing stage of the 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix was quite stressful for Lewis Hamilton due to Max Verstappen’s solid pace.

This year’s Bahrain GP will be remembered for its intense finish as we have got to see a direct battle between the race leaders Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen for victory. Verstappen was extremely quick and even passed thr Briton, but had to give up the lead due to violating track limits. Though Lewis Hamilton won the race, the endind sequence was not so smooth for him.

“It wasn’t great. I was struggling at the end with the rear end of my car, my rear tires had gone off. I think [they were] maybe eight laps older or something like that to Max’s tyres,” Hamilton said. “So, I knew he was going to catch me with 10 laps to go and I was like thinking ‘it’s going to be almost impossible to hold him behind’, which in fact it was, up until the Turn 4 incident.”

“Then after that I was just able to just keep him behind, I managed to keep him in my wake.”

“Well, he was right behind me, so then stuck in my wake, and it was difficult for him in certain places to get close and he ended up wide in some places, which gave me a little bit of an edge. It’s a difficult track to follow,” Hamilton added.

The Bahrain GP race winner also said that he had enjoyed battles with Max Verstappen and Red Bull as a whole: “Every minute of the weekend I’ve loved,” he added. “Knowing as a team that we were behind in performance – these guys [Red Bull] have done a better job so far. And so, for us to come away with this result given the fact that we weren’t the fastest this weekend is a real result.”

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