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Tsunoda: “Strange” medium tires had no grip in Q2

Credits: Red Bull Content Pool

Yuki Tsunoda blems “strange” medium tires for his poor performance in Q2 at today’s Qualifying session for the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The Japanese driver had a strong first run in Q1, which placed him momentarily in second place. But he then missed out of Q3 after a poor performance in the second qualifying outing.

“C3 feels completely strange, especially the second set of new tires. Even for me, with another push lap, I don’t think I could go through with C3 – There was just no grip at all.

“We’ll have to see if there’s an issue or not. Q1 was amazing and Q2 suddenly goes really bad.”

Tsunoda commented that his learning progress inside his new squad with the qualifying session was “really good,” but says he’ll work on his traffic management during qualifying.

“For the learning side, I think it was really good,” he said. “I think there was a lot of learning I got from this qualifying.

“There is still a lot of space to improve so I’ll just prepare to do better in Imola.

“I would say how I approached the qualifying and every Q1, Q2 was okay, just maybe today there was a lot of traffic before the lap, like I had to wait quite a lot.

“So maybe I have to see for traffic management and also how to adapt more to the C3 tires from the C4, for me it’s just that.”

Tsunoda will start the Bahrain Grand Prix in the 13th position.

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