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“That weight of the name, to me it’s light as a feather”, says Mick Schumacher

“That weight of the name, to me it’s light as a feather” says Schumacher. Credits: Haas F1 Team

By going into his first Formula 1 season, Mick Schumacher carries a big name in the sport’s history back to F1. However, the German explained, that “the weight of the name is light as a feather for him.”

Mick Schumacher has some similarities to his father Michael Schumacher, with boyish good looks, steely resolve and his gentle considered tone mark them. Basically it is impossible not to see his father in Mick himself, especially with the firm jut in the German’s chin. Speaking about Formula 1, Schumacher Jr explained, that “It is very much a battlefield out there. Everyone is trying to get the crown and rule, if you don’t have that attitude it is very difficult.”

Being the son of 7-time world champion Michael Schumacher, Mick has big shoes to fill in his first F1 season. The pressure on the reigning Formula 2 champion is high, especially because of his special surname. Yet the 22-year-old knows how much weight the name has in the sport’s past: “I do know how much this name weighs in every aspect but that weight, I don’t feel it, it’s light as a feather for me.“ Still, he also explained, that he feels “very privileged to be able to drive with the name. I have only seen the pros and I have only had a positive impact from it.”

Michael Schumacher himself stated, that he would rather take Mick to golf than racing in 2003. But the story had a different outcome and so his son follows the steps of his father into Formula 1, debuting at the same age as Michael did, 22. Tomorrow the Suiss-born racer will make his Formula 1 race debut at Bahrain, starting from P19 behind countryman Sebastian Vettel and Haas teammate Nikita Mazepin. And although Mick Schumacher carries a big surname with him, which is giving pressures onto his shoulders, he thinks of it as a secondary. Surely having the surname Schumacher at an F1-entry is impossible to ignore, but Mick is just embracing his passion – racing.

“I love feeling the way I do when I drive,” he concludes. “I do it for myself, I race because I love it. That’s what drives me.”

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