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Low-rake cars to be 1s slower, per Aston Martin

Aston Martin Racing representatives believe that the low-rake cars can be up to 1 second slower than their opponents.

Aston Martin Racing had a tough weekend so far in Bahrain as well as qualifying. The reason for that was the fact that the new technical regulations were not in favor of the low-rake cars, including Aston Martin and Mercedes. Team principal Otmar Szafnauer shared his insights on it.

“When we last raced here in Bahrain – just four months ago – we were heading for a podium, on merit, before a power unit issue ended Checo’s race,” Szafnauer said.

“We will not be anywhere near that kind of performance here now, and the direct cause of that performance drop-off is the new-for-2021 aero regulations, imposed on all the teams,” he added.

“If you compare the qualifying times between those two races here in Bahrain, now and four months ago, it looks like the high-rake aero philosophy cars have gained around a second per lap compared to the low-rake aero philosophy cars.”

Sebastian Vettel was 18th in today’s qualifying, while Lance Stroll qualified 10th.

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