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FIA to have stricter post-race inspections on cars

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The FIA has announced in an official statement that they are going to start investigating the cars chosen randomly at the end of races “deeper” if they have any doubt about the legality of a part.

In 2019, Ferrari and the FIA concluded a secret agreement about Ferrari’s power unit. It is strongly believed that their power unit was illegal and that it allowed Ferrari-powered cars to gain illicit additional straight-line speed. However, the FIA kept their decision secret as Ferrari refused to disseminate the judgment publicly.

The FIA is therefore probably trying to prevent this kind of event from ever happening again by discouraging the teams to cheat. To do so, they introduced new regulations allowing the stewards to take a deeper look inside the cars they randomly decide to inspect at the end of races. This more in-depth look includes an analysis of mechanical parts as well as the softwares used in the car.

“In order to complete deeper technical checks of the cars in the championship, the technical delegate will routinely and randomly select one car at each event following the race for deeper disassembly, conformity checks, and checks of software and systems,” says the statement.

Furthermore, if any “irregularity” was detected or suspected, the race stewards would have to seal the suspected part in order to allow further inspections.

“Should any irregularity be subsequently discovered, the technical delegate will publish a report and the stewards have ordered the technical delegate to take the appropriate steps to safeguard any evidence that may be discovered in these technical checks, including impounding and sealing relevant parts and information.”

These new specifications should help to make sure that every team is playing on equal terms and were definitely necessary after the very suspect ‘Ferrari-case’.

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