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‘Painful’ redundancies taken by Red Bull to meet new cost cap

Christian Horner in Bahrain. Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

The cost cap, which has been confirmed by the teams, is causing a lot of internal problems. It has been moved down from $175 million to $145 million. That entails quite a few consequences, because there is not enough money left for salaries and updates for the cars.

First and foremost, Christian Horner, team boss at Red Bull, has published small details about the drastic changes that the Austro-British racing team will have to deal with.

Red Bull is one of the teams that need to save the most money, as they are the second-best team and thus originally earned more. Another stress test for Christian Horner and Co. But the biggest problem is with the employees, who also have to be paid. According to Horner, 800 workers had to be laid off:

“We’ve had to go through the pain of redundancies over the winter. We’ve had to resize, repackage ourselves and that’s really tough when you’re saying goodbye to members of the team, some of which have been there for 25 years across its different formats. It’s been a very tough exercise and continues to be a significant challenge, particularly for the bigger teams.”

The planned sprint races are not promoted in this context, as the teams fear higher costs. Therefore, the teams want a cost compensation if these sprint races are actually carried out.

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