Lando Norris has downplayed the results from today’s practice sessions, saying “it’s obvious” that the “usual four” are going to be at the front of the grid.

The Briton suspects other teams did not push as hard in the first two practice sessions.

“We look quick today, but I think it’s fairly obvious what’s going to happen tomorrow,” he said. “It’s going to be the usual front four cars ahead of us.

“Behind, everything is very close. Even if today we are a little bit ahead, I think it’s because we just showed a bit more. We’ll go in tomorrow and be a little bit more where we should be.

“I feel good in the car, the car does feel good in some areas. In some areas also it doesn’t feel that good and we need to improve, and if we can improve it tomorrow, then I’ll be happier.”

Norris also highlighted some issues with his MCL35M, saying he doesn’t have the confidence he wants in terms of handling.

“I don’t have the confidente I want, especially in the medium and high speed corners,” he said. “So corners like turn six, seven. I made a mistake there on my first lap and I had to abort because I turned in and just completely lost the rear.

“My confidente in the car is where I want it to be, isn’t where we had it last year. But there’s also improvements in other places compared to last year. So it’s not necessarily that everything has to be better, there’s just areas to work on,” he concluded.

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