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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Emma Bevington from Pit Lane Prints

Credits: Pit Lane Prints.

Pit Lane Prints’ Emma Bevington talks with ASN Motorsports about the art of motorsports prints, the company’s history and the sport in general.

Motorsports is beatiful, but the thing that is equally stunning is a motorsport print. We have had an opportunity to talk with Emma Bevington, who works in the rising company Pit Lane Prints, about the craft of making the prints and many other things.

Q: To begin with, would you please like to tell our readers a bit more about Pit Lane Prints and what it is specialized in?

Emma: Absolutely, so Pit Lane Prints is the home of motorsport and automotive art prints. All our artwork is designed by us and we use a local, eco-friendly printers to print all our pieces. Our main focus is Formula 1, you will find artwork for new and old F1 helmets and we started to do prints for the cars last year too.

We also have MotoGP, Isle of Man TT and British Superbikes artwork and then we have the automotive section which is where you will find motorbike and car prints and we also offer a custom print service where you can send us your photographs of your car or motorbike, and we will create a custom print for you.

Credits: Pit Lane Prints.

Q: Every company has its special story of setting up. How did you start your business?

Emma: We started the business back in 2015 and we were known as Spilt Ink back then. I am a graphic designer and at the time I was working in a design studio, a little bored sometimes with the artwork I was doing on a daily basis so I started Spilt Ink as a bit of a side line to create artwork I wanted to and had some connection with. At the start we were doing movie and game prints and then it all started really with the first Valentino Rossi print I did for my Dad’s birthday.

That print did really well and I myself started to really get into motor racing and so it all sort of snowballed from there. We stopped doing the movie prints and focussed on motorsport and football too, fast forward to 2021 and we rebranded to Pit Lane Prints. It’s been a journey to get here but motorsport is definitely our passion and what we love doing.

Q: Your prints look absolutely stunning and it has always been interesting to see the process behind the scenes. How do you create your prints?

Emma: Thank you very much! All our prints are designed by me, we have a few different styles that we offer, some are using striking, bold typography, others focus on the helmet, bike, or car itself and are in an artistic drawing style, and then we have our new 2021 prints which are vector illustrations. I enjoy trying out new techniques and styles and my goal with my artwork is to just always be improving and showcasing the awesome helmets and cars we get to see on the track.

Q: What is the thing that you like most about making motorsports prints?

Emma: Well, I love creating the prints, really taking in all the details, I love F1 and MotoGP so it’s great it’s something I am really passionate about. The best part for me though is when we get to see photos from our customers of our prints in their homes and the feedback we get makes it all worthwhile.

Credits: Pit Lane Prints.

Q: Making prints is an art and every artist has their favorite work. What is the work that you are proud of most?

Emma: I think the print I am most proud of would be our new one of Daniel Ricciardo’s new lid for 2021, this print took about a week to complete and I really enjoyed creating it, the helmet design itself is absolutely awesome so it was a pleasure to illustrate.

Q: Motorsports, cars, and motorbikes are the topics of your prints. What does motorsports mean to you and the company?

Emma: I think more than anything for us, motorsports is a community of people. We all love that lights-out moment, the roar of the engines, the hype, the speculation, the fans, and the brands, it’s an always moving hub of excitement and we just enjoy being a part of it.

Q: We are still a long way to go in 2021. What are the company’s aims and ambitions for this year and in the long-term perspective?

Emma: Our aim for this year is to continue to create prints for all the helmets, cars, and bikes we will see this season, continue to engage with the community, and get our name out there. Long-term I have ideas for limited edition prints and offering a framing service but my biggest dream, as a fan more than anything, is to have our logo on an F1 car or helmet, I mean it can’t get any better than that right?

Credits: Pit Lane Prints.

We want to say thank you to Emma once again for being a part of the interview and we offer to check out all the prints, made by Pit Lane Prints at their website – Pit Lane Prints is also a proud sponsor of ASN Motorsports’ F1 Fantasy League, so if you have not, join in to get the prizes from them!

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