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Andreas Seidl thinks qualifying race problems will be solved in Bahrain

Andreas Seidl at the 2020 Bahrain GP. Credits: Getty Images.

McLaren’s team boss Andreas Seidl believes that the teams and Formula 1 will be able to settle all the disputes regarding qualifying races this weekend in Bahrain.

The concept of qualifying races remains a hot topic in the F1 paddock at the start of the 2021 season. Though the idea is highly supported by the teams, there are still some issues to be solved, including the financial side. To deal with them, there will be a meeting to have another discussion. McLaren’s team principal Andreas Seidl is sure that they will be able to resolve all the disputes.

“There’s a lot of different ways how you can solve the current discussions. As always, it’s not that easy to get opportunistic teams and everyone on the same page, but I’m confident we will find a solution during this weekend and then simply we can go ahead and focus on the implementation of it,” Seidl said.

He also reassured McLaren’s desire to support the qualifying race idea: “We have an agreement with Formula 1 that this is down to them to communicate. There are communications and discussions we’re having there at the moment. Again, we like the proposals which are on the table and would support them.”

If the teams agree all the terms and the proposal is moved ahead, we will likely see three qualifying races this season: at the British, Italian, and Brazilian GPs.

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