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Yuki Tsunoda explains controversial usage of DRS at pre-season testing

Yuki Tsunoda at the F1 pre-season testing in Bahrain. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

The AlphaTauri rookie Yuki Tsunoda insists that he has not inted to breach the rules by activating the DRS before the activation zone in Bahrain.

Yuki Tsunoda made an impression during the Formula 1 pre-season testing in Bahrain after setting the second fastest lap time overall. However, the DRS system on his car worked much earlier than intended. The young Japanese driver gave an insight into what had happened with the Drag Reduction System that day.

“Usually, even in testing, just like in the race, you shouldn’t be able to use it [DRS] without crossing the activation line. But in my case, I was able to use it, and I was thinking maybe the session was set up that way,” he said.

“I didn’t open it early just to get a time, I didn’t have any bad intentions. But if you are able to use it, you might as well use it, right? Also, I assumed it wasn’t just me and that other drivers were doing the same thing,” he added.

Yuki Tsunoda also said in the conclusion: “Saying that, I only used it about 50m early, and in terms of lap time I think it was worth only two or three tenths. It wasn’t a big difference like six or seven tenths of a second. It doesn’t change the fact I used it early though…”

Yuki Tsunoda is just a day away from his first Grand Prix event – Bahrain GP. The action will start with two free practices on Friday.

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