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Sergio Perez impressed by Red Bull’s “flat out” mentality

Sergio Perez of Mexico and Red Bull Racing looks on in the garage during previews ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain at Bahrain International Circuit on March 25, 2021 in Bahrain, Bahrain. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

Sergio Perez admitted he is really impressed by Red Bull’s attitude and their way of pushing beyond their limits in everything they do.

At the dawn of what could be the biggest challenge of his life, Sergio Perez already looks confident working with his new team and says he is very impressed by their work attitude and their ability to always push their limits and look towards victory.

“Everyone is just a racer in the team. It is a very good atmosphere. It’s all about winning, you know: the mentality, and the focus, it’s very different. Straight away you can notice that. (…) They do everything to the limit, whether it’s pitstops, whether it’s a meeting, or whether it’s related to performance. They just go flat out and that’s something very impressive,” says the Mexican driver.

Sergio Perez is definitely trying to have a positive impact on the team to help them clinch a long-awaited victory in the constructor’s championship against Mercedes. To do so, Perez wants to keep the ‘killer attitude’ he has always shown throughout his career and his ability to push his teammates to the very edge. 

His first opponent is of course Max Verstappen. Nonetheless, the Mexican racing driver thinks that their battle will help each other evolve and push the team forward.

“Basically, I want to beat Max and Max wants to beat me, and that just to the benefit of the team, (…) We want to push the team forwards, and if we are able to create that competition between us, that will just be to the benefit of the team.” says Perez.

“I think we are both very mature, and we’ve been here long enough to cope with that. And yeah, I just hope that I’m able to put the pressure on Max and that we can both grow together and push the team forward.” he added.

If Checo is able to compete with his Dutch teammate, it will be the first time after Daniel Ricciardo’s departure that Verstappen will have to face adversity at Red Bull. This could indeed be very positive for Verstappen as he has been in a position right between the Mercedes and his former teammates for the past two seasons, often not really having an opponent to race against.

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