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Fernando Alonso “will be happy” if he and Alpine move up

Fernando Alonso ahead of Bahrain GP. Credits: Getty Images.

Fernando Alonso wants to help Alpine improve and race for higher positions on the grid as well as check his own abilities.

Fernando Alonso makes his long-anticipated return to Formula 1 this weekend at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Ahead of the race weekend, the Alpine driver shared his aims and ambitions for the cooperation with he team.

“I don’t have a clear target on what I want to achieve in this comeback. A target in terms of results. What I want to do is test myself and try to help the team in this important moment of this transition from Renault to Alpine and this great future I think this team has for the next coming years and the new set of regulations,” Fernando Alonso said.

Alonso also believed that his experience would be of a great help for the team with the intoduction of new regulations in 2022: “I’m here to help the team with the experience and the knowledge that I may accumulate over the years and try to build a momentum into the team that can carry on from 2022 and into the future.”

Last, but not least, the 2-time world champion expressed his hope that Alpine would fight for titles in the foreseeable future: “We all love to win, but there is only one that can do that every Sunday and at the end of the year only one can become champion, so that’s a very difficult target to set. I will be happy and I will consider it a success if we grew up together – the team and myself – in the next coming years, and we are a contender sooner than later.”

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