Honda has highlighted the performance of its new engine for 2021, saying it is better “in all fronts” and ready to fight for the championship.

The Red Bull – Honda partnership is coming to an end as the Japanese manufacturing is leaving the sport by the end of the season. Toyoharu Tanabe, technical director of Honda, said that the new 2021 engine is “better in all fronts,” and that they feel well prepared to fight for the championship.

“This will be the last year of Honda in Formula 1 and we feel very well prepared in all fronts, from the Power Unit to the chassis and our driver line-up. We’re going to face each race separately, as we work towards our objective of winning the Formula 1 Championship,” Toyoharu Tanabe said.

“From Honda’s side, to improve our performance, we’ve modified many components of our Power Unit, so we do indeed have a new Power Unit for this season.

“Compared to last year, the new one has more power, a lower center of gravity, and is very compact.

“In addition to increased power, the unit has also improved its general positioning and consequently the performance of the cars of both of our teams have improved,” he concluded.

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