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Alpine can’t afford “shitty” 2021 F1 season, says de Meo

Davide Brivio and Laurent Rossi Credits: Alpine

Renault’s CEO, Luca de Meo, admitted that Alpine is already looking deep into the 2022 season and its new regulations. However, he does not want to throw in the towel in 2021 and is expecting good results from Alpine.

It is worth mentioning that Renault hired Luca de Meo in Summer 2020 while the French manufacturer was in a massive financial crisis and on the edge of bankruptcy. The Italian was therefore sworn in to get the diamond-shaped brand out of the crisis as soon as possible, turning around its financial situation.

Nonetheless, we all know that Formula One is a very expensive discipline, and running a team in the sport could look like unnecessary costs. However, according to de Meo’s vision and his “Renaulution” plan, running a Formula One team and putting the Alpine brand under the spotlight is key.

“I had the feeling that we had to integrate the Formula 1 story into a new story, (…) Alpine is one of the four pillars of the ‘Renaulution’. It is one of the four brands that we put in front of the consumer. So it’s totally integrated into the mainstream strategy of the Renault group.” says the Italian director.

However, to make his restructuring plan work out, Alpine will have to show great results in Formula One. The Tricolore team will therefore have its back against the wall to satisfy Renault’s new CEO. This is why de Meo is asking for good results with immediate effect and does not want to neglect 2021 in favor of 2022.

“I think my expectation is that we get better and better every race. We’ll try not to go back from the previous position of last year, but it will be complicated because you have teams that improved a lot. (…) We are very much focusing also on 2022. For us, the real big challenge will start in 2022. But of course, we don’t want to make 2021, let’s say, a shitty season.”

The Italian boss looks confident, however, especially regarding Alpine’s 2021 new driver lineup that he considers prompt to a quick improvement of the team.

“But I think that new spirit, having people like Fernando also coming into the team, he is a real performer.” says de Meo.

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