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Williams denies Renault B-team rumors

Credits: Williams Racing

Williams CEO, Jost Capito, denied the recent rumors of Williams becoming Renault’s B-team.

The new owners of Williams, Dorilton Capital, took the strong decision of not becoming the second team of any manufacturer or any other team wanting to enter Formula One through Williams Racing. The Grove-based squad wants to stay independent and to do so, they want to choose their allies and not be governed by money in order to keep the historic spirit of the most successful private team in F1’s history.

“Williams has always been independent and not what you see with these A and B teams. For us, a B team is a team that doesn’t have independent ownership or has some ownership from an OEM or from another Formula 1 team. And on that definition we don’t want to be a B team.” said Jost Capito.

“We have a good relationship with Mercedes, and we have a contract that goes still a couple of years, (…) And we respect this contract because we are very happy with the relationship.” he added.

Nonetheless, the 62 years old German specified he is open to technical partnerships as long as it does not question Williams’ independence that is so important to the team. However, they look fulfilled with their actual partnership with Mercedes and does not really see the point of breaking it for Renault.

The French manufacturer will therefore have to look for another prospect if they want to ally themselves with a ‘B-team’ that would help them integrate their academy drivers more easily in the world of Formula One as well as to develop their engine easier. To be continued.

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