Nissan has become the latest team in the Formula E grid to express support and commitment to the Gen3 era.

Formula E is on a brink of a new age of Gen3 cars, which is scheduled to start in the 2022/2023 season. Several manufacturers, including Mahindra and DS, have already announced their commitment to the new regulations and Nissan is the latest to do so.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Nissan is going to bring more excitement in Formula E by committing to the Gen3 era. Through this, we are going to demonstrate our electrification expertise”, Nissan’s global COO Ashwani Gupta tells

“Nissan has a strong history in racing for more than 60 years and Formula E for us represents energy, excitement, and environment”, he adds.

“We have to keep our racing culture, and this enriches our employees’ motivation. That’s what we look at when we participate in Formula E – passion and full engagement”, Gupta says in the conclusion.

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