George Russell replaces Romain Grosjean in the position of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association director from this season on.

The 2021 Formula 1 season will be a little bit more special for George Russell – it has been revealed on Tuesday that the Williams driver will step in as the GPDA director. He is the successor of Romain Grosjean, who has left Formula 1 recently.

Russell himself comments on the announcement: “It is an honor and privilege to be nominated director of the GPDA. I appreciate the support of my fellow drivers in entrusting this role to me and recognize the responsibility it entails.”

“In its six decades of existence, the GPDA has been an integral part of supporting and shaping F1 safety, for the sport and our fans”, he adds.

GPDA will also have a non-driver director from now on in Anastasia Fowle. She will be accountable for business afairs.

“After several years working alongside Alex, Sebastian and Romain, I am proud they and their fellow drivers have nominated me for the first non-F1 driver board position. I am passionate about the sport and the industry and am honored to be able to support the GPDA in its endeavors”, Fowle says.

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