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Drivers can choose their way to support We Race As One initiative in 2021

The Italian GP 2020 races start. Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing.

In 2021, a slot from a few minutes will be specially dedicated for the drivers to unite and express their beliefs together using any gesture they want.

The 2020 Formula 1 season definitely was a historic one in terms of race-related events. Drivers taking a knee before the start of a race to show their commitment and support of the Black Lives Matter movement is something that has indeed become very usual this past season.

This was therefore one of the topics being discussed by the FIA high instances this offseason and it was decided to keep going with these great moments of unity the drivers shared before races. The movement is of course pushed forward by Lewis Hamilton that has definitely become the leader of the movement on the F1 grid.

To allow the drivers to support topics that are important to them in terms of “sustainability, inclusion, diversity, and community”, as said by an F1 spokesman, a dedicated time slot will be allocated before each race in which the drivers will be completely free to choose the gesture they want to express themselves and to raise awareness.

This engagement was taken by the FIA in line with the #WeRaceAsOne movement that was recently launched by Formula 1 to extend their influence to sensitive issues for which they feel it is worth fighting.

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