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Carlos Sainz thinks “the team that is at Ferrari right now” has been the only real challenger for Mercedes

Carlos Sainz at the F1 pre-season testing in Bahrain. Credits: Getty Images.

Scuderia Ferrari’s newest driver Carlos Sainz believes that his current team is the only one that has been capable of battling Mercedes for world titles.

Carlos Sainz starts a new chapter in his Formula 1 career with Ferrari this season. The Spaniard is ready for the new cooperation and has high hopes on the Prancing Horses as he claims they have been the only team to really challenge Mercedes for world championships recently.

“Rather than ‘rebuild’, I’m going to change the word and say ‘take up again’ a little. We must not forget that the engineers who are at Ferrari right now are the only ones who have come to stand up to Mercedes,” Carlos Sainz tells in an interview with

“We could add Red Bull, but the only ones who have fought for a World Championship for the last four years is the team that is at Ferrari right now. We are talking about that, if Mercedes did not exist in Formula 1, Ferrari would be a great team for the latter years”, Sainz adds.

“Here comes my reflection: if the same people are there, what the team has to do is find itself a bit. We have gone through some very hard years. 2019 was a difficult year, 2020 was an even more difficult year, quite a bit worse, and now it’s time to take up again a bit and go back to the right direction”, he says in the conclusion.

Carlos Sainz will start his first official Formula 1 session with Ferrari this Friday at Bahrain Grand Prix.

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