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Bruno Michel believes new race weekend format will prove to be successful

Robert Shwartzman pre-season testing. Credits: F2 website.

Bruno Michel believes that neither the teams nor the drivers will try to manipulate the new F2 and F3 race weekend format. 

The feeder series is going to feature a brand new weekend format from 2021, and Formula 2 boss, Bruno Michel, said that this important change is one of the biggest in the categories’ history. 

To reduce costs amid the Covid-19 pandemic, F2 and F3 will still have 24 races in the calendar, but they will only visit eight countries instead of twelve like in the previous years. The number of races will still be the same because instead of two events per weekend there will be three. 

The qualifying session that will be run on Friday will decide the grid for Sunday’s race, and the reversed top 10 of the first sprint race held on Saturday will set up the grid for the second sprint race, which will be raced on the same day. 

Many divers liked the new changes, however, someone suggested that qualifying on pole position will not be ideal anymore. 

“I’m quite confident it is going to be a success,” Michel told

“We have been looking into that very carefully to make sure there are no loopholes because the last thing we want to see is a driver being voluntarily overtaken because it can give him an advantage.

“If people are thinking that some teams might play funny games by losing positions voluntarily, I think it is completely impossible and if they do that it would be stupid.

“I don’t see any reason why a driver would have no interest to be in pole position or to be overtaken at some point. It is not going to work that way.

“I completely doubt there will be anything like this but of course it is going to have an impact on the strategies of the teams and drivers over a race weekend.

“The most important thing we have in the new format is the feature race is going to be on Sunday just before Formula 1, which was not possible in the past and that is very important for our awareness.”

The changes made for the upcoming season have been discussed with the F1 organizers as well and they will see how everything goes. 

“I don’t know if [F1] they will consider them but of course they will look quite closely at the changes,” Michel added.

“They [F1] were involved, we didn’t decide this complete on our side it is a discussion with Ross (Brawn) and Chase (Carey) at the time and with the FIA and Stefano (Domenicali) during his role at the time.

“It is not something we just decided on our side. Everyone was quite enthusiastic about it.

“Everybody will see how it is working and F1 will decide what it would want to do.

“F1 cannot do exactly this kind of thing either, it is such a different environment, it is not a single make category that makes a massive difference of strategy.

“Maybe they will look at it, maybe they will take some of it, F1 is dealt [with] in a different way.”

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