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Hybrid or biofuel might be introduced to Formula 2 and 3

The Formula 2 Spanish GP Feature Race in 2020. Credits: Getty Images.

The biggest feeder series in the world might have an innovative kind of fuel implememented in the future.

Both Formula 2 and Formula 3 create new strategies for both championships beyond 2023 as after it the cars will have some modifications. One of the biggest ideas at the moment is the introduction of environmentally friendly fuel. The Formula 2 and Formula 3 CEO Bruno Michel has confirmed it lately.

“The present cars are doing the job in terms of performance and in terms of learning for the drivers to get to the next category. It is doing the job from a show point of view because the races are absolutely outstanding in F2 and F3 and we don’t want to change that”, Bruno Michel tells

“After that at some point we will need to ask ourselves questions about the environment, maybe hybrid, maybe biofuel, so those are things we are discussing at the moment. But they are not going to be in the short-term because we don’t want to add a massive cost to the teams by making a new car in the short future”, he adds.

“We will of course have to think about it and we are already thinking about it at the moment”, Michel says in the end.

If the concept goes ahead, this will be a new era in the history of the most important feeder series in motorsports as both F2 and F3 will join the list of eco-friendly championships.

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