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Stefano Domenicali claims Liberty Media has a lot of long-term and short-term tasks

Stefano Domenicali. Credit: Reddit.

Liberty Media as well as Stefano Domenicali, has a lot of work ahead of it in the long run.

Not only the work in this season, where it is about keeping the record calendar and further on the slow transition to the new engines and rules for 2022, but also in 2025, when new engines will come into the competition, there will be some changes. They also have to work off the track, especially on the We Race As One platform.

Domenicali said: “The to-do list is quite long, and the first thing is to start the season in Bahrain, which is not a given in this situation. It’s great that with these protocols it’s possible to fly around the world and race. But we also have to look to the future.”

He added: “We have a revolutionary new car coming next year, we are also talking about the new Power Unit for 2025, and beyond that we have other clear goals. We need to work on our ‘We Race As One’ platform because it’s important to participate and be active.”

The most important task will be to continue to convince the teams of the plan with the budget cap. The many changes that will take place in the 2022 season (especially the new car) will be a big burden for each team.

A spending cap allows all teams to have a good vision for the future, and as far as the future of Formula 1 is concerned, they are working on stability and also sustainability.

“There is a good feeling within the teams at the moment and everyone has high expectations for next year’s car. The arrival of Aston Martin was also an important thing for Formula 1, as was the budget cap, which allows teams to have a good vision for the future. Now we are trying to make this platform stable, strong and sustainable so we can have a bright future.”

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