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Jamie Reigle was against postponement of Gen3 cars

Jamie Reigle (CEO of Formula E) and Jean Todt (FIA President), Credit: Courtesy of Formula E

Jamie Reigle, the head of Formula E, spoke out vehemently against a postponement of the Gen3 cars.

In April 2020, Formula E and the teams unanimously decided to postpone the Gen2 Evo cars.

The updated car has now been cancelled altogether after initially being scheduled for the current 2020-21 season.

Jamie Reigle said he is against postponing the introduction of the Gen3 cars: “I was adamantly against that. Obviously, I was wrong in that I thought the pandemic would be nearly done by now. But it felt like you were making a decision in a moment that affects 2023 to 2027 in the darkness of early 2020. I stand by that decision. We have to make sure that the technology is relevant.”

He added that further postponement of the Gen3 cars would not have been possible due to the teams’ timely March 31 registration deadline.

“The manufacturer registration date at the end of March is really just a reflection of the time it takes to develop the powertrain. The FIA controls this process, they provide all the data and the specs so the manufacturers can develop their powertrains. It wouldn’t work to delay that.”

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