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Alfa Romeo surprised George Russell most at testing

Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing.

George Russell admitted being very surprised by Alfa Romeo’s performance in Bahrain as Williams might have a hard time beating them in 2021.

George Russell will have a lot to play for in 2021 as good results this season could allow him to sign with Mercedes for 2022 and to fight for the championship as soon as next year. However, nothing is done yet and the Briton will require a very solid season to put his name on top of all contenders for this invaluably precious Mercedes seat.

It looks like Williams improved a lot during the off-season showing good pace in long runs. Williams could be fighting for eighth-place this year against Haas and Alfa Romeo. Nevertheless, after three days of testings, Kimi Raikkonen offered himself the fourth-best overall time, which is very promissing for the Italian team.

George Russell admitted he was impregnated by Alfa Romeo’s performance:

“Kimi looked very, very fast, […] I have to give him credit. Although I need to look deeper into the data, I would say at the moment they look like the most surprising team”, he said.

The 2021 Formula one season had never seen so exciting as it could include a 5-way battle for third place, including Ferrari, Alpha Tauri, McLaren, Aston Martin, and Alpine as well as a battle for eighth place involving Haas, Williams, and Alfa Romeo, and maybe even a long-awaited battle for the championship. There is already so much to look for before Bahrain’s season opener and the 2021 season looks very promising.

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